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Ordering hydrovac services shouldn't suck.

With UVAC, let us do the legwork, so service providers can focus on breaking ground.

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Why the heck is the HydroVac industry stuck in the mud?!

It's time to work smarter, not harder - that's why we put together:


Instant Ordering

Think pizza delivery, but for hydrovac trucks. No calls, no fuss, instant dispatch.


Real Time Updates

Effortlessly track dispatched trucks in real-time online. Stop guessing what's happening on-site.


Digital Invoices

Streamline invoicing with our digital system. Fewer non-payments and AR follow ups.


Job Sharing

Collaborate on larger projects by requesting support from our network.

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About BlueCollar

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Introducing UVAC, powered by BlueCollar.

Evolving the Excavation Industry to Build a More Efficient Future. 


Founded by Anthony Martinello, our suite of products - with our flagship UVac platform - alleviates back-office burdens on and off the job site, liberating operators and contractors from outdated practices.


Join us to take control of your business and achieve your full potential.


Get ready to ditch the old ways and upgrade your business.

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Let us handle all the legwork. 

Effortless Hydrovac Booking in 120 Seconds

Streamline your hydrovac bookings, track jobs in real-time, get digital invoicing & so much more : 

  • Instant Orders

  • Digital Tracking

  • Vendor Accountability

  • Effortless Scheduling & Invoicing 

- all from your phone or desktop.

Book your next dig with UVAC and let us handle the rest.

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